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Highly Sensitive Person Psychotherapy and Relationship Counseling

Compassionate, effective, sensitive care
  • Do you need regular time alone to recharge and reconnect to yourself?

  • Do you become overstimulated by loud noises, bright lights, strong smells and crowded places?

  • Are you easily moved by beautiful art, nature, food, music and smells?

  • Do you have a rich inner life and think deeply?

  • Are you deeply effected by other's emotions?

  • Do you need extra time to process information?

  • Are you especially perceptive of other people and your environment?

  • Have people told you throughout your life you are "too sensitive" or you "think too much"?

If you answered yes to most of these questions you may be a highly sensitive person.


You are not alone. About twenty percent of people are born with the biological trait of sensory processing sensitivity. This makes you experience the world differently than most others. You are more aware of stimulus around you and also process information more deeply. Being highly sensitive can feel like the "volume" is turned up on the sensory information you are receiving.

Studies have shown that Highly Sensitive People are more effected by the world around them. The good news is positive environments and relationships have a greater effect on HSPs. This includes psychotherapy; With a trusted and skilled therapist, HSPs respond more quickly and easily to the therapy process. Therapy for HSPs is not about "fixing" your sensitivity but about listening to and supporting you in your sensitivity and intuition.

Like you, I am also an HSP. When I first began working as a psychotherapist nineteen years ago I noticed there were a number of clients I worked with who were quite sensitive and required a more refined way of working in therapy. They also struggled with feeling different from others because of their need for more alone time as well as experiencing overwhelm they did not see others around them experiencing. Years later, when learning about the studies done with highly sensitive people I realized the trait was a biological one that could be measured, an innate trait that requires a different type of care than those who do not have the trait. 


As an HSP myself I understand the degree of care you need as an HSP as well as the particular life and relationship struggles you may experience as an HSP. 

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