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What to Expect

It's quite normal to feel nervous before the first therapy session.  You want to feel seen and understood while being held in a safe, accepting and non-judgmental environment. You want to understand how therapy will help you.

Making an appointment:

Setting up an appointment can be as simple as emailing or calling for available times and dates. Having the experience of a session can give you a sense of whether the therapy (and therapist) feels right for you. In case you would like to talk by phone to get a better sense of who I am as a therapist or have other questions, I do make time for 15 - 20 minute complementary phone sessions. Just indicate in your message that you would like to schedule a 20 minute phone session and I will get back to you with times and dates. For couples I have found it best to schedule individual phone calls.  

The first session:

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. The first session is an important time for you to get a sense of whether you feel heard and understood in the therapy and whether the therapy feels like a good fit and will be helpful for you. My work with you in the first session is focused on getting a sense of who you are and what your therapeutic needs are. With both individuals and couples there is not a formula that is followed in the session. Instead, you have the opportunity to share in depth your feelings and reasons for seeking therapy. At the end of the session we can discuss how therapy may be useful in addressing that which brought you in.

How I work:

Asking how I work is a good and common question, however, it can be a difficult one to answer as the therapy looks very different depending on what each person or couple needs. I have studied many different forms of therapy and my work is informed by all of them in some way. I would say I am primarily an intuitive, depth, mindful, humanistic therapist. My intention as a therapist is to attune myself to each person and couple and listen deeply to that which needs further exploring and understanding. With individuals I work to assist them in accessing their own wisdom and guidance to move forward in their life and relationships. With couples time is usually spent gaining an understanding of the primary dynamics that are not working well and learning tools to shift out of them and into deeper connection and intimacy. I work with clients to create greater presence and awareness in the room as well as in life.

Ongoing therapy and counseling:

I highly recommend individuals and couples commit to coming in for weekly sessions especially in the first few months of therapy as this allows for the therapy to deepen in a way that less frequent sessions don't support as well. You will likely get much more out of the sessions when there is consistency in frequency and not too long of a stretch of time between sessions. This is something that can be talked about and assessed during the therapy. Therapy is a collaborative and creative process where it is important to consider what is most useful for you and to communicate that along the way.


I use Square to process payments. I will email an invoice after the first session so you can pay by credit card.


I am not on any insurance panels but do offer a medical receipt called a "superbill" which some insurance companies reimburse for. You may want to call your insurance provider to inquire about reimbursement for superbills. I will usually write up a superbill every two to three months for clients who request it.

Online Therapy:

Currently, I am working with clients online only. This may change in the future, but I have received the feedback that clients prefer the convenience of online meetings. I work with clients throughout the Bay Area and California.


Questions before or during the therapy process are always welcome!

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